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Pocket – Dedicated to Ownership, Maintenance, Sales and Repair

The Old Robeson Plant in Castile NY was purchased by Tim Calmes and Toy Storage Inc. in 2010. The property, which was in the hands of the NYS Department of Enviormental Conservation was put back on the Tax Rolls after many years of sitting idle. The Robeson Plant once employed hundreds of people in this small Western New York Village making Coffee Makers and other Small Appliances. Without Tim Calmes effort the building would most likely have continued to deteriorate to a point beyond repair. The old building is gradually coming back to life. During the Boating Season there is much activity around this Old Manufacturing Landmark.


Welcome to Paradise Boat Works located in Castile NY, the heart of Western New York Dairy Country and home to Silver Lake.

  1. Boat Repair This involves fixing any mechanical, electrical, or structural issues with boats, including engine repairs, fiberglass repairs, and hull repairs.
  2. Boat Maintenance Regular maintenance is essential for keeping boats in good condition. This may include engine servicing, bottom cleaning, waxing, and polishing.
  3. Boat Restoration Restoring older or damaged boats to their former glory is a specialized service that involves refurbishing and repairing both the exterior and interior components.
  4. Customization Many boat owners seek to customize their vessels to suit their specific needs and preferences. Services may include installing new electronics, upgrading seating and upholstery, or adding custom paint or graphics.
  5. Winterization and Storage Properly preparing boats for winter storage is crucial to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. Services may include winterizing engines, draining water systems, and providing indoor or outdoor storage options.
  6. Boat Sales Some boat works companies may also sell new or used boats and watercraft, offering a range of options to customers looking to purchase a vessel.
  7. Parts and Accessories Providing access to a wide range of boat parts and accessories can be a valuable service for boat owners looking to repair or upgrade their vessels.
  8. Emergency Services Offering emergency repair services for boat breakdowns or accidents can be essential for boat owners in distress on the water

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