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Pocket – Top guides for reducing stress and boosting mental wellbeing

We are living through stressful times, and even the strongest of minds can need some help to stay on the right track and avoid burn out. This compilation of eBooks, guides, cheat sheets, mind maps, check lists and other resources can help you get through the worst of times and manage your stress and happiness levels.

This program is perfect for anyone who is in need of expert advice and help to support periods of stress.


If you ever feel like you are struggling your way through life, constantly fighting fires and never advancing, then you could be suffering from the effects of stress. Although a small amount of stress can actually help to drive us, excess stress can lead to us feeling overwhelmed, unable to cope, and burnt out. It is important to take control before stress takes hold of us.

This eight part program looks at individual aspects of stress, how it impacts our lives, and how we can combat its effects without compromising on what’s important in our daily lives.

Stress Relief Guides – 8 Module Program

  • Learn how to calm your mind and improve your health
  • Learn how a positive mental attitude can boost success
  • Learn about the power of mindfulness and meditation
  • Discover little known stress busting secrets

What are the health benefits of managing stress?

The health problems that can occur from long periods of stress include heart disease, high blood pressure, skin problems, depression and anxiety. It is vital to manage stress to ensure that it does not get to the level where it is extremely dangerous for our health.